Abstract Imagination Art


I feel the energy that surrounds us when I create Art.

I describe my Artwork as feelings, emotions, vibrations, sensations all meshed into a pile of colours, lines, layers and shapes that bring mental conversation and stimulation to the mind’s eye. In which causes the truth to be known. 

Every one sees some thing different when it comes to my Artwork. I create to the size of the canvas. For as big as the canvas in size, is how much I have to fill the space, with and from My Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. 

I channel what the Spirits want to be seen, felt and known. 

There is no exact way I create Artwork. All of my Art is like the universe we live in. I often compare my Artwork to the Cosmos, as it forms to energy patterns, from feelings we all share. Colours bring personality to the canvas.

BeingOriginal means that you follow your heart all the way, every time, all the time. The medium used is not of importance. The point of BeingOriginal is found inside of the everlasting balance and inner relationship that we have with our vast universe we dwell in.

My vision and mission as an Artist is to raise the awareness of the need to put effort into caring for our Sacred Earth.

I am an Abstract Minded individual.

Our Earth Needs Our Focus !!! 

My Goal is to help raise the Energy and Awareness to bring forth a Strong Focused Dedication of a Higher Consciousness for our Sacred Earth.

Thank you all for appreciating the Artwork I have displayed for your viewing pleasure.